#1: Phylos Sophia / Love of Wisdom

We live in an age where, unless we proactively choose otherwise, all our thinking will be done for us…

    All our attention, all the ideas we expose ourselves to, our perspective and how we think, is being constantly spoon-fed to us by those trying to make a profit off it. Yet the forces that drive this information fountain do not care whether or not you’re happy, whether or not you’re content or able to flourish and make the most of your life. The algorithms that govern what Facebook content you see, the news outlets that choose what stories make the headlines and how they’re pitched, the ad agencies that drive all the subconscious media you’re fed, none of them have time to care about your well-being (even if the humans behind them might)– and yet all of them are continually sculpting the way you view the world.

    This is why philosophy is more important than ever, because its entire premise is wisdom: is learning how to think for yourself, and how to find contentment in your life.
It has just, sadly, gotten a little lost in the woods of late.

    As our first destination, this month we’ll be starting right at the heart, with Wisdom. We’ll be considering things like:

    • What is wisdom?
    • Is it even a real thing? If so, is it tangible, or purely mental?
    • How important is it, in this day and age?
    • Can it be learned, like a skill? If so, can it be taught?
    • As the pursuit/love of wisdom, what is Philosophy— what is it supposed to be, versus what it’s known as nowadays?
    As such, I’ll be trying to convince you that Philosophy is not just a way for academics to get intellectually freaky, but is in fact an essential, universal life-skill worth anyone’s time to pursue. I’ll be sharing my view, my experience of it, the ways it’s helped me and the kooky places I’ve discovered it.
    Let’s get this ship in the air! Use the comment section below or the suggestion box to raise your questions and suggestions on the topic, what you want to hear about, what you think is most important… The aim as ever will be to promote discussion and welcome different perspectives, so don’t be shy, there are no right answers (just make them inoffensive!).
    Best of all, join the community on Patreon and send in your artistic responses to the topic (see the About and Get Involved sections if you have no idea what I’m talking about).
I’m looking forward to seeing what we make of this ;)!
King x


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