How you can get involved:


1. Become a Rocket Scientist: Support the Project

The Rocket Surgery is a Community;
It is powered by you. If you like what we’re doing here and want to be a part of it, or just to show support, the simplest and most helpful things you can do are:

  • Join the Patreon community here (for as little as £1, and 2 minutes of your time!): Pay as you feel, to unlock all the main perks of being a Patron (being a Rocket Scientist; voting rights on the monthly topic; ability to contribute your voice to the blog; access to the weekly newsletter filled with wisdom and inspiration; exclusive Patreon posts; and much more). Want to know more about Patreon? Click here for a quick guide.

  • Share the site/content on social mediaPublicity is a huge help!
  • Stir the discussion by commenting on posts and getting #tags going on Twitter, Insta etc.

And remember, the sky’s the limit– the more support we get, the bigger we can think: Discussion groups (online or off), Q&As, print copies of art/posts shipped to your door, festivals, an actual rocket…

Let’s make this place amazing, together.

2. Steer the Rocket: Choose the Next Destination

You decide the subject for the Blog.
The next destination for this rocket of ideas – the topic for the coming month’s posts – is both suggested and voted for, by you:

  • SUGGEST — Use the suggestion box to suggest a topic for the site, and pose the questions that matter to you. Is life fair, or simply a wild and hostile scattering of chance events? Am I supposed to identify with my bodily gender, or is consciousness not so restrictive? Is money essential for a global community, or is there a less destructive solution? Is there a recipe for happiness, or is it completely subjective?
  • VOTE — Based on the popularity and poignancy of suggestions, I will compile a shortlist of topics for Patrons (members of the Patreon community) to vote on. The winning topic will then be picked as the subject of the blog (for my writing, and the contributions of any of the community who want to share their voice).
    [Polls and their results will be posted on the Patreon feed.]



3. Help Us Explore: Contribute to the Blog

Paint, Write, Draw and More:

Does Death make you want to sing or slather a canvas in ink? Does Identity make you want to photograph your origami or improvise jazz flute?
Send in your own response(s) to the subject at hand: whether it’s interpretive dance, or finger-painting in the nude, if the current or upcoming topic stirs a response in you, the community needs to hear your perspective! Philosophy is about finding our own answers to this crazy adventure of existence, as well as opening our minds to alternatives, so there’s no right perspective, only right intentions.
As long as it isn’t offensive or hateful in any way (swear all you like, just don’t swear at people hatefully), and it connects with the topic, then it will be welcomed– just use common sense.