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The idea is simple: The only way to grow, is by being open to new perspectives–so, we share as broad a range of perspectives as we can. Why contribute, then? To encourage growth in your world; this world, that is shaped by all of us. Whether it’s private shower-thoughts, questions, inspired ideas sent only to me, or your own artistic or verbal response to a topic, you will be making a tangible, invaluable contribution to this project!

Deep Thoughts? Burning Question?

Is life fair, or simply a wild and hostile scattering of chance events? Am I supposed to identify with my bodily gender, or is consciousness not so restrictive? Is money essential for a global community, or is there a less destructive solution?
Use the suggestion box to get in touch directly, be it for post or destination suggestions, your own personal philosophical questions or ideas (I’m always eager to hear and discuss ideas!), or anything else you’d like to contribute without it being broadcasted.

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Does Death make you want to sing or slather a canvas in ink? Does Identity make you want to photograph your origami or improvise jazz flute? Share it!
Whether it’s interpretive dance, or finger-painting in the nude, if the current or upcoming topic stirs a response in you, the community needs to hear your perspective! It can be anonymous or I can help boost your publicity as much as I can, either way, Philosophy is about finding our own answers to this crazy adventure of existence, as well as opening our minds to alternatives, so there’s no right answer, only right intentions.

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I only have two pairs of eyes and half a brain, so I could do with all the input possible to really launch this rocket–don’t be shy if you have anything you think might be helpful for making it work.

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What would you like to share on the blog? What's the meaning of life? Are animals happier than people? Why do the 'bad' things feel so good? Share your thoughts and questions, privately or for the blog, to encourage deeper thought!